Moringa++ key ingredients are concentrated extract of naturally dried moringa leaves blended with green coffee beans, shilajit, and Shatavari to have optimum formulation and greater effect.

Moringa being a natural energy stimulant can provide the body the strength it needs to go through the day or be able to survive strenuous activities. In fact, a diet filled with moringa is perfect for aging individuals as it would help them get back the energy they used to have when they are younger. The leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant, being a significant source of B vitamins, vitamin C, provitamin A as beta-carotene, vitamin K, manganese, and protein, among other essential nutrients.


Shilajit in Ayurveda and Unani, the traditional Indian system of medicine. It has been reported to contain at least 85 minerals in ionic form, as well as triterpenes, humic acids, and fulvic acid.
Shatavari is important in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Extracts made from dried roots are used for various reproductive and hormonal issues and Green coffee are known for their natural energy boosting properties along with other benefits. These herbs have medicinal references in Ayurveda scriptures


Moringa++ is a natural energy revitalizing capsule, provides you an herbal energy boost and is a safe supplement that has a positive effect on your overall health and well-being. Unlike other energy stimulants that provide instant and temporary relief, the benefits of moringa++ in providing energy are long-lasting.

Moringa++ 60 Veg Capsules | Natural Energy Boost

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  • Ingredients:

    Each veg. capsule contains :
    Moringa Olifera (Sahajan ext.)                            350 mg
    Green coffee bean (Coffee ext. 50%)                   50 mg
    Asphaltum Punjabianum (Shilajit ext.)                   50 mg
    Asparagus racemosus wild (Satavari ext.)            50 mg

  • Benefits:


  • Dosage:

    For Adults, 1 capsule twice a day with water after meal or as directed by your health professional.
    For best results, herbal supplement products should be used along with healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • Caution:

    Not to exceed daily recommended dosage.
    In case of any health condition, always consult your healthcare professional before using the product.
    Keep product out of reach of children and store in a cool & dry place.
    Do not use if safety seal is broken, damaged or missing.

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