Curcumin++ is Bio available herbal supplement combining high grade curcumin and black pepper extract.
Curcumin++ uses high grade natural curcumin having all three curcuminoids and the highest concentration of 95% which ensure the best quality of the supplement.

Curcumin++ is blended with black pepper extract for superior bioavailability.  This herbal supplement is pure, natural and considered safe for day to day dietary usage.


Curcumin Capsule is useful in boosting general wellness, improving immunity, anti-inflammation, brain and cardiovascular functions.

More Info:
Curcumin is extracted from turmeric which contains only 2% to 5% curcumin which means 20 to 50 gms in 1 kg of turmeric. As the name implies, curcumin belongs to family of compounds known as curcuminoids. These curcuminoids give turmeric its yellow color and curcumin is used as a yellow food colorant and food additive along with many therapeutic benefits.


Curcuminoids (hereinafter referred to as curcumin) also exhibit strong antioxidant activity, enhance cellular resistance to oxidative damage, and provide antioxidant protection against DNA damage. Curcumin also enhances the body’s natural antioxidant glutathione levels. 


Turmeric has been used as a medicine, condiment, and flavoring since 600 BC. This has medicinal references in Ayurveda scriptures since ages.

Curcumin++ 60 Veg Capsules | Immunity | Wellness | Anti Inflammatory

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  • Ingredients:

    Each veg. capsule contains :
    Curcuma longa Linn (Curcuminoid 95%) 495 mg
    Piper nigrum Linn (Piperine) Black Pepper extract 5 mg

  • Benefits:

    General wellness

    Supports brain and cardiovascular functions





  • Dosage:

    For Adults, 1 capsule twice a day with water or milk after meal or as directed by your health professional.For best results, herbal supplement products should be used along with healthy diet and regular exercise.

    For best results, herbal supplement products should be used along with healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • Caution:

    Not to exceed daily recommended dosage.
    In case of any health condition, always consult your healthcare professional before using the product.
    Keep product out of reach of children and store in a cool & dry place.
    Do not use if safety seal is broken, damaged or missing.

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