our story

Our genesis is based on two words ‘Vaddmaan’ & ‘Innovation’

The word ‘Vaddmaan’ is taken from an ancient language ‘Prakrit (natural language arising from the source)’ and means ever growing - Growth of life, health, wealth or wisdom.

‘Innovation’ is not just about bringing new products or achieving more in business, but it really makes sense when it is meant for life or makes life more prosperous.

Vaddmaan Innovation is incorporated to build and invest in innovative solutions and business models in the fields of Healthcare, Environment sustainability, Renewable Energy, energy storage systems, water technologies and Information technologies for smarter future and aiding ever growing life. Our prime focus area is Healthcare as it touches every life.


Piyush Jain

Founder & CEO

He has 22+ years of leadership experience in information technology in automation & pre-sales function. He is Innovator & Strategist with strong business accumen, promoting digital transformation, and creating innovative business models for its customers. He has worked with global customers across continents with deep understanding of new world economics.

To serve the mankind, He has inculcated the vision of providing Safe, selective, natural herbal nutrition options in an affordable manner avaialble to all people by utilizing wellness principles of ancient Ayurveda and leveraging niche technology in healthcare.

S. K. Jain

Founder & Cheif Mentor

He is veteran in the pharmaceutical industry with more than 40 years of experience in formulations, allopathic drugs, ayurvedic medicine manufacturing. He has great understanding towards pharma generic markets, needs and future ahead.

He is philanthropist with a great heart for mankind and humanity.




201, 2nd Floor, R.G. Metro Arcade,

Sector 11, Rohini, Delhi - 110085, India